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5 Creative Ways to Use Brand Patterns

Custom brand patterns are an excellent means to increase your brand recognition. When used throughout your customer experience, they elevate your visual identity and foster brand consistency. Below are some of our favorite ways to incorporate the use of brand patterns within client design projects.

1. Business Stationery

Using your brand pattern within the design of your business stationery gives all your pieces a wonderful sense of cohesion. For example, pattern blocks work well to fill the backside of letterhead and card designs. They’re also well suited for envelop liners.

2. Packaging Design

Your business’ packaging offers several opportunities to use your brand pattern. Imagine delighting your customers with a package sent in a custom printed mailer featuring your instantly recognizable brand pattern. Other packaging elements that are perfect for pattern design are shopping bags, tissue paper, and hangtags.

3. Online Presence

Your brand pattern can also work well as a graphic element within your web design, social media graphics, and e-newsletter. This custom touch enhances your online presence and compliments your branding.

4. Environmental Design

You can really bring your branding to life with environmental design. By infusing your visual identity within your physical space you create a highly impactful customer experience. There are so many ways to get creative with your brand pattern in this regard. Think custom printed wallpaper, fabrics, signage, and more.

5. Apparel Design

Brand patterns can be especially useful in apparel design. Further your customer’s connection to your brand and let your pattern make a fashion statement with custom printed shirts, hats, etc.

As part of our branding package, we create a custom pattern for our clients. We design it to be seamless so it can be tiled with no visible indicators of where the graphic ends and begins. This allows the brand pattern to be incredibly versatile since it can be scaled for any size necessary and for any of the usage scenarios mentioned above. Contact us today to discuss your branding project.

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